Self Inspection for Insurance

July 2018 - Now

Interaction Design UI Guideline Information Architecture HTML,CSS


Obejective - to create a more easier, understandable, car image capture system

This project is a collaboration of PWA, React and Sass with the aim to use/reuse Common Component for all platform and improvements Reliablilty, fast speed, Increased engagement and conversions , and my role is to reimagine the UX and UI for web and mobile.

This project is still work-in-progress.

Product Preview

Data Model

WAP overview


At the Insurance Time, we need a person everytime who travel at the user loacation & capture the images of car and verify. also need a backend and calling system for schedule and follow up with user. It was taking a long time and costly as well as. In first research user don't know how many image need for insurance and how to capture a right image for inspection. So we are trying to make a mobile responsive system using a human-centered design process. Where user can easily capture/upload the required photo by insurance company

Understand the need of users

Data Model

Understand the project requirments



To start of this project, our team of designer, product manager did some usability testing of the existing process with the Backend Team, Calling Team, Runner(Field members) and Customer. We found few challange like how many insurance company belive in live photo, how to user capture fake photos etc.


Gethring project requirement and challanegs


We have decided to send a link to user vai email/SMS to check the insurance details and uplaod the live photos as required by the insurance company

For a design we start with mobile first. We want only live/real photo so decide to disable option for phone gallary. and capture the live lat.long when user capture the selfi.

Create wireframes and test and convert into high resolution UI.

Decide to show the tips and do's and don'ts bvefore the cature photos. so user can know the instruction and capture the right photo as per need.


Create guidline, Design Components for web and mobile

Wirframing and testing

After final the sketch and brainstroming creat a rough wireframes and test with prototypes.

Onboarding tutorial

Wireframes of all steps

Final UI and Prototype

After consolidating our favorite ideas, we created a prototype and tested it with random useres, with great initial results.

  • Using Brand colors and typography
  • User Name, Car details and Insurance Details are on 1st landing page and highlighted in bold letters.
  • Tips including do's and don'ts
Onboarding tutorial

Easy and 1 click navigation to choose the filters


We’re currently in the process of working with just a step to step capture process. This is one of the most challenging parts of the process, because it depends on insurance company, Inspector and schedular. In Next step we are focusing on Machine leraning. We have information of brand model & year of car. So, we will create the right frame for right car.